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My 35-plus year resume of film and television makeup design has been very rewarding. Some of my credits include work for Disney’s “Splash” (I designed Daryl Hannah’s underwater body makeup), Lorimar’s “Full House”, Viacom’s “Matlock”, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” with Dr. Ava Shamban (dermatologist to the stars), 3 cycles of “America’s Next Top Model”, and two seasons of “Betrayed” for Discovery ID. I had the pleasure of working on many music videos with music icons Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Roger Waters, Jackson Browne and The Pointer Sisters to name a few. I recently worked on several webisodes series including “First the Series” and “20 Seconds to Live”. Currently, and for the past 6 years, I have worked and traveled with world-renowned motivational speaker “Mary Morrissey”. In 1996, I founded “Karen Kubeck Makeup and Skincare Salon” in Santa Monica, California, which serves a global clientele specializing in eyebrow design, makeup & skin care. My clients have coined me the “Eyebrow Whisperer”. Since 2011, I have been an instructor teaching an advanced eyebrow class to other estheticians and makeup artists at Aesthetics International, in Camarillo, California.

Please check out my Yelp reviews at Karen Kubeck Makeup & Skincare Salon in Santa Monica, and my Instagram @ eyebrow_makeup_whisperer

On December 4th, 2020, Karen was interviewed by Tommy Kovac on his podcast "Splat from the Past" about the iconic movies she worked on in the 80's. Episode #1079: Karen Kubeck


On March 29, 2021, International Mermaid Day, an article about "Splash" was posted in Believer Magazine by Chantel Tattoli:


"Karen, Season's Greetings and thanks for another great year!

From all of us as Matlock."



We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for participating in this adventurous production. We were impressed with the professionalism and dedication you demonstrated during the shoot. We feel extremely fortunate to have you involved in our production.”


"We appreciate the skill and understanding that you contributed and was needed to pull off a film on the budget we were working with."


“Great legs by Daryl Hannah, great fins by Robert Short and associates, Thom Shouse, Karen Kubeck.”




Esthetician & Salon Owner:

Esthetician since 1994, Salon owner since 1997

Eye Brow Whisperer & Instructor:

Instructor since 2011, Aesthetics Int'l. Camerillo, CA

Personal Make-Up Artist To:

Mary Morrissey, (world renowned motivational speaker)

6 years and currently working with.

Phyllis Diller, (comedian), 8 years

Dr. Ava Shamban, (Dermatologist to the stars), 25 years

Nancy Stafford, (actress), "Matlock", 3 seasons

Gale Storm, (actress), 2 years


Shorts, Trailers & Pilots:

“Commuter”, Commuter PC
“Club Santino”, GWENNetwork
“Eternal Waltz”, Angel Baker PC
“Yellow Tulips”, Republique Stud.


“Ed Wood”, Disney, asst.

“Coneheads”, Paramount, asst.

“Star Trek 6”, Paramount, asst.

“Back To The Future, Part II”, asst.

“Dick Tracy”, Universal. asst.

“Harlem Nights”, Eddie Murphy, asst.

“The Iron Eagle”, Falcon Flight, dh

“Trancers”, Empire Pict., dh

“Death Of An Angel”, Vera Cruz, dh

“Swordkill”, Empire Pict., dh

“Splash”, Disney, mermaid crew, sfx

“Cujo”, Sunn Clasics Inc., pick-ups

“Private School”, Unity Pict., asst.

“Party Animal”, Whitefire, Inc., dh

“The Tenessee Stallion”, Classic PC, dh

“Parasite”, 3D movie, Empire Pict., dh

“The Alchemist”, Empire & Lajon, dh

“Choices”, Oaktree PC, dh

“Demon Rage”, B.J. Creators, dh

“Dr. Heckyl & Mr. Hyde”, Cannon, dh

“Time Walker”, Byzantine Prod., asst.

“Beastmaster”, Filmbuilders, asst.

“The Sword And The Sorcerer”, Grp. 1

“Galaxy Of Terror”, New World, sfx

“Forbidden World”, New World, sfx

“Battle Beyond The Stars”, NewWorld

“Roar”, Noel Marshall Prod., asst.

“Betrayed”,  1 & 2,  All 3 Media Int’l.
“Heartbreakers”, Green Bottle Pict.

“Crazy Cash”, TLC, Intuitive Entmt.
“My Favorite Things”, Snackaholic Inc.
“Sunglasses I & II”, Miles Co., Playboy
“Interview W/Mel Brooks”, TMC
“Great Amer. Dream Mach.”, Disney
“Interview, Donald Sutherland”, TMC
“Nurseweek”, Bruce Cohn PC
“Time Magazine’s 60th Anniver.”, HBO
“Denny Johnston/Sold Out”, SHO
“The Female Experience”, Churchill
“The Sex & Sensual Test”, Playboy Ch
“Yesteryear”, Bruce Cohn Prod., HBO
“Perfectly Frank”, Broadway, SHO
“Remember When”, Bruce Cohn, HBO
“King Of Burlesque”, Ramdom PC

“20 Seconds to Live”, season 1 & 2, STL PC

“Vows", Crack Arts
“Dealbreakers", Crack Arts
“Meet Chuck and Sally”, teaser, Crack Arts

"Firsts", web series, Crack Arts

"In Nonna's Kitchen", Barbara Tintori Prod,
“Good Samaritans”, Busy Living PC
“Allure Insider”, Allure Mag,w/Ava MD

Reality Television:

“American’s Next Top Model”20/22/24
“Got Home Alive”, The History CH
“Ex Wives Club”, VH1, w/Ava MD
“The Years Younger”, TLC, w/Ava MD
“10 Things I Hate About Me”, Style
“Jen and Barb, Mom Life”, w/Ava MD

Cable Television:


"American Crime Story", Disney

"Monster", Netflix

"9-1-1", Fox

“The Doctors”, CBS, w/Ava MD
“E News”, E Channel, w/Ava MD
“The Morning Show”, w/Ava MD
“Good Morning America”, Ava MD
“Aesthetic T.V. CH”, Lifestyle, Ava MD
“TF1”, French Ch., w/Ava MD
“CNN”, w/Ava MD
“K-Cal News”, w/Ava MD
“CBS News”, w/Ava MD
“KTLA News”, w/Ava MD
“Nip/Tuck w/Ryan Murphy”, FX
“Extra” Friends with Benefits”, Ava MD
“Good Day L.A.”, Fox, w/Ava MD
“The Tyra Banks Show”, CBS, AvaMD
“E Channel Golden Globes” AvaMD
“SAG Awards Preshow”, w/Ava MD
“DGA Awards”, David Nutter, director
“History Channel”, w/Ava MD
“EM/Desp. Housewives”, ABC, AvaMD
“Extreme Makeover”, ’03-’05, Ava MD
“ABC News”, w/Ava MD
“Oscars for E Channel”, w/Ava MD
“Academy Awards Preshow”, Ava MD
“Emmy’s Preshow”, w/Ava MD
“People’s Choice Awards”, w/Ava MD
“SDTV for FACC”, San Diego TV
“Fox News Live”, w/Ava MD
“Extra”, NBC, w/Ava MD
“Juvederm”, w/Ava MD
“98 MTV Kid’s Choice Awards”, Games
“L. Welk To America W/Love”, PBS
“A L. Welk Family Christmas”, PBS
“The Lawrence Welk Show”, PBS
“1995 Twinlab Women’s Extrav.”, Kassel
“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”, Paramt.
“’93 Nat’l Phys. Fitness Extrav.”, Kassel
“Matlock”, Viacom, 3 seasons
“Full House”, Lorimar, 1 season
“Hogan’s Family”, Lorimar, 1 season
“Down & Out In Beverly Hills”, Disney
“Harry”, Disney, 1 season
“Liberty”, Robert Greenwald & NBC
“Lerner & Loewe”, Camera 3 PC
“Good Night USA”, Valley Prod. Ctr.    
“Silent Witness”, Robert Greenwald PC
“Shadow Chaser”, Burbank Studios     
“Wheel of Fortune”, NBC
“One To Grow On”, NBC
“Konrad”, Sunn Classic Pict., PBS    
“Concerts In The Park”, The Little Co.
“Scrabble”, NBC
“Santa Barbara”, NBC
“The Today Show”, NBC 
“Week Day Heroes”, Silver/Regan PC
“Dungeon Women”, Four Star Entmt.
“Punky Brewster”, NBC
“The NBC News”, NBC
“The Tonight Show”, NBC
“Disney Channel Auditions”, Pd. Grp.
“I Can Handle It”, J.Z.M., CBS
“Henry Winkler/Calif. Sculpt”, CA Arts
“Rich Little/Colorado Lottery”, Tele.
“The Ralph Lockwood Show”, CFCF
“With Richard Hogue”, Hickox/Daniel
“The Juggler Of Notre Dame”, Paulist
“Jesse”, Rainbow TV
“Billy Loves Ali”, Rainbow TV
“Keiko”, Rainbow TV
“The Righteous Apples”, Rainbow TV
“The Killers”, Patrick Roth PC
“One Life To Live”, K. Johnson Talent
“Promo/The Almost Radio NW”, Lan


Music Videos for Karaoke:

“Feelings”, Rosebud PD
“Don’t Be Cruel”, Georgian Co.
“Somebody Loves Me”, Wiatrak Flms 
“The Look Of Love”, Georgian Co.
“Yesterday”, Georgian Comm.
“For The Good Times”, Wiatrak Flms
“Up On The Roof”, Wiatrak Flms
“Strangers In The Night”, Georgian

Home Videos:

“Spirit, Soul & Body” Work-Out
“Heidi Miller’s Body Sculpt” Work-Out
“Stop Smoking”, Valley Prod. Ctr.

Video Disc Games:

“Till Death Do Us Part”, Zontar Pd.
“Disney Disc/Fantasy & Magic”, Bost.


“Stephen Greaves Band”,  LaPorte
“Roland  Printer”,  Roland DGE Corp.
“DGA Quarterly” w/David Nutter
“InStyle/10 Things I Hate About Me”
“French “L” Mag.”, w/Ava MD
“Medesthetics Mag.”, w/Ava MD
“1999 Women’s Fitness Cal.”, Kassel 
“Oct. ’97 L.A. Parent Mag.”, LA Parent
“Muscle & Fitness Mag.”, Bill Dobbins
“Flex Mag.”, Bill Dobbins/Robert Reiff
“Ironman Mag.”, Michael Neveux
“Muscle & Fitness Mag.”, Reiff
“National Enquirer”, A. Houghton
“Inside Adam Swit”, The Swit Co.
“Rene Of Paris”, Springboard Studios
“Mousercise”, Walt Disney Telecomm.
“Yes”, A. Friedken, Nat’l Camp Print
“7 Steps/Boy George Look”, Nat’l Enq.
“Daryl Hannah”, People/Us/Vid. Rev.
“Daryl Hannah”, “Splash” poster
“Double Trouble”, NBC
“Corinne Calvet”, book
“Bill White Productions”, Bill White
“National Hair & Cosmo Assoc.”, Bill P
“John Farrah”,  publicity shots
“Gale Storm”,  publicity shots


“DreamBuilder Live”, 2015/current

“Life Mastery Inst.”, 2016/current

“Int’l Swim Wear/AW Market ’85"

“Cole Of California”, Billings

“America’s Next Top Model Premier”

“The Invisible Side of Success”, LSTW

“What a Pair!”, Bene. Concert, Cedars

“A Signature Evening, w/Ava MD


“Eyebrow Class”, Aesthetics Int’l
“Corrective Makeup Class”,Aesthetics
“Makeup/Eyebrow Class”, SMCC
“Mup/Brow Class”, Int’l Coll. Beauty


“Cedars Med. Train. Videos”, Cedars
“Jackpot Ent. Training Video”, Billings
“Earthquake Prev./LA Times”, Billings
“Report To Earth/Westinghouse”, RFG
“Straight At Ya”, Rising Moon PC
“Mr. Pettybone/US Marines”
“Dunford Video Tape”, TRW Media Ctr.
“Wheels & Women – Toyota”, Billings
“Real Estate Videos”, Valley Prod. Ctr.
“Isuzu All The Same”, Billings
“Time Cards”, TRW Media Ctr.
“Weight Watchers Promo”Mann
“Bromar”, Hammond PC Serv.
“Mita”, Schaubert PC
“UCLA ‘s Super Heroes”, UCLA
“FTD”, Interact Learning Sys.
“Xerox”, ALV PC
“Sounds Of Silence”, A.C.T.
“Sec. Pac. Ready Banking Intro”, C.Q.
“Lynn Redgrave/W. Watchers”, VPC
“Ripe For Tonight”, P. Rothenberg
“Redkin”, Redwood House, Inc.
“Newsline”, Southern Calif. Gas Co.
“Image Dynamics”, Susan Hutton
“Children Of Denial”, A.C.T.
“Salenger Educational Media”, VW
“Ameron”, Cornish PC
“Isuzu”, Robert/Barton PC
“Drugs-After The Fact”, Parsons PC
“Theft Prevention”, Hub Dist.
“Miller’s Outpost, Palm Springs”, Hub
“Levis”, Billings PC
“Taking Charge”, Bronson Films
“Datsun”, Billings PC
“The Broadway Merch. Pres.”, Billings

“New Balance”, Run Riot Films
“Juicy Juice”, Bottle Rocket Films

"GoDaddy", Instant Films
“Overstock Flooring”, Dynamic Films

"Roland Printer", Roland DGE Group
“Warrior Mist”, Turn Key Direct Resp.
“Share the Road”, Women in Film 
“A Fresh Start”, Women in Film
“Step Up”, PSA, Urban Legends Film
“Zeppelin Clothing”, Billing PC
“Ugina Bathing Suits”, Billings, MTV 
“World Vision”, Valley Prod. Ctr.
“Weatherking Air Conditioning”, Valley
“Haines Isotoner Panty Hose”, DQ
“Saber Dead Bolt”, Telemedia PC
“Jerky Treats”, Praxis Film Works
“United Airlines”, The Little Co.
“Burlington Panty Hose”, Schofield
“Pepsi-Cola New Generation ID Card”
“Prop. 36 with Howard Jarvis”, VW
“Jensen Stereo”, Picture Music Int’l
“Value, E.A.S.N.Y.”, McCraig PC
“Chauvin”, Azness PC
“Winter Wagner NE Utilities”, McCraig
“Hoosier’s/Economic Develop”, MC
“Pete Ellis Dodge”, Robert/Barton PC
“Golf Toning”, Zahn PC
“U.S. Comm./Energy Awareness”, MC
“Dentagard”, Zahn PC
“Super Mannan”, Lajon PC
“Crean For Senate”, Vik-Winkle PC
“Toyota”, Brillig PC
“Infogram”, Southeby PC (PSA)
“Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice”, Brillig
“Miller’s Outpost/Christmas”, Hub
“Miller’s Outpost/Back To School”
“The Buying Connection”, MM
“Boss Hogg For President”, Vic-Winkle
“Raleigh Hills With Gale Storm”, AHS
“Gloria Marshall Salons”,  D.D. Lewis

Rock Videos:

“Satellite Sky”, Main Offender Music

“Meltem”, Stagg Street Studios

“Stephen Greaves Band”, Stagg Street
“Captain EO”, 3DDD Prod., Disney

“Dwight Twilley”, Modern Pd.

“Survivor”, Radler,“The Karate Kid”

“Idle Tears”, Modern PC

“The Pointer Sisters”, RCA Records 

“O’Bryan”, Modern PC

“Roger Waters of Pink Floyd”, FF PC

“Jackson Browne”, Bob Radler PC

“Aldo Nova”, F.F. PC

“Tom Petty/The Heartbreakers”, Bk. St.

“Journey”, Nightmare Inc.


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